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Exterior Painting Service: Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our professional Exterior Painting Service. Our skilled team transforms your property, protecting it from the elements while adding a fresh, vibrant look. We use top-quality materials and expert techniques to ensure long-lasting beauty for your exterior surfaces.

Exterior painting Service

Why We're Your Best Choice?

Experience the perfect blend of complimentary technical and precise analysis, along with a dedicated team ready to assist and support you, all while enjoying a complimentary online color consultation. Whether you’re seeking expert guidance or simply looking to elevate your project, our comprehensive services have you covered, ensuring your every need is met with precision and care.

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How It's Works


Schedule a free site inspection online today. Our executive will visit your site, assess every detail, and provide you with the best estimation


Quotation accepted! Get ready for a professionally painted and waterproofed home that's both stunning and resilient.


Explore personalized color recommendations for your home with our expert consultation services.


Crafting vibrant, detailed art on your walls, we bring your dream home to life, one brushstroke at a time, infusing warmth and style.

Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Fresh Painting

Fresh painting refers to the process of applying a new coat of paint to surfaces

Exterior Repainting

Repainting involves the act of applying a new layer of paint over existing surfaces

Exterior Texture

A textured wall refers to a wall surface that has been intentionally altered to have a tactile or visual texture.

Designer walls

Designer walls refer to walls that have been creatively enhanced and decorated to elevate the overall aesthetics and style of a room or space

about us

About Us

Welcome to Living Vista, where the art of painting meets the canvas of your life. With a rich legacy spanning over a decade, we have proudly served clients all across India, transforming their spaces into vibrant expressions of beauty and elegance. At Living Vista, we don’t just paint walls; we craft experiences. Our commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and a passionate team of artists have made us a trusted name in the painting service industry.

Our journey began with a vision to redefine the way people perceive painting. We believe that a well-painted space is more than just a combination of colors; it’s a reflection of your personality, style, and aspirations. Over the years, we have honed our skills, embraced innovation, and harnessed the power of creativity to bring your dreams to life. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial painting, we approach each project as a unique work of art, tailoring our services to your specific needs.

Client Testimonials

Living Vista transformed my home in Mumbai, displaying professionalism and attention to detail. They turned it into a stunning, welcoming haven. Highly recommended.
Sarah J.
Living Vista exceeded expectations on our commercial project in Delhi. They completed it ahead of schedule with exceptional quality. True professionals in the industry.
Rajesh S.
Living Vista made my home in Bangalore a masterpiece. Their precision, cleanliness, and commitment to customer satisfaction are outstanding. Highly recommend for top-quality painting services
Priya R.

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